Now is the time to sustain our energy resources.

Do you want to make changes to your homestead or business to save energy, money and our environment?

Let Northwoods Sustainable Solar guide your energy system project. From start to finish we will make sure your specific needs are met. This is accomplished by providing quality consultation, design, and communication throughout the life of your system.

Our Mission is to help sustain energy resources in northern WI. We have a beautiful Northwoods with vast wildlife and clean resources. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of those looking to protect our environment and our future generations ability to enjoy this beauty when we are gone.

6.4kW Montana Solar Top-of-Pole Ground Mount: Off-Grid System

Photovoltaic Solar Systems are becoming more widespread, even in Northern WI. We are seeing new installers starting up and the competition is becoming real. NWS Solar is here to guide homeowners and business owners through the process as a third party. We offer many services before, during and after installation.

The installation of a solar electric system or other building energy system can be complex. If quality or cost is important to you, then the original assessment and design are the most important first steps. Any investment should make sense to the financial investor. Everyone uses energy differently at their home or business so we will build the system to their specific needs.

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Solar Edge Optimizer Multiple Array PV System