Hi, my name is Danielle Kelly and I am an environmentalist. I enjoy working for clients and meeting their needs as best I can. I like to design and help people live more sustainable lives by educating and bringing resiliency to their homes/businesses.

My educational background consists of many different disciplines but the basic is Renewable Energy Systems and Building Energy Systems as a whole. I do have a bachelor degree in Environmental Science and Urban & Regional Studies. I also have a background in Environmental and Civil Engineering.

In 2017 I moved up north from central WI. I was honored to have been a part of the Cheq Bay Renewable Solar Group Buy in 2018 & 2019. This ‘group buy’ was the largest in the state of WI and still is today. Chequamegon Bay Renewable is a non-profit organization that released a Request for Proposals in 2017 after working all year to preliminarily assess hundreds of homes in Ashland & Bayfield counties. During these two years I assessed, designed, managed and helped commission over 200 individual PV systems. Today I have assessed close to a thousand different properties, worked with multiple electricians, electrical inspectors, and dozens of utility and municipal entities in my local area.

My goal in the solar industry is to make sure solar installations are sustainable in the Northwoods. These systems should be lasting beyond 30 years, but the quality of installation and upkeep is important, especially with our weather conditions. I want to look beyond solar as well and make sure homes and businesses are comfortable and energy efficient before the installation of a solar system. Our energy consumption as a whole is what we need to address for our younger generations. Solar energy is a great way to provide alternative energy to preserve our communities.

Here is a little bit of background on my previous studies.

Credentials & Courses

  • NABCEP – Photovoltaic Associate
  • SEI PVOL202: Advanced PV System Design and the NEC (Grid-Direct)
  • OSHA Construction Safety
  • Generac – PWRcell Sales and Installation
  • Webinar – Optimization of Bifacial PV Systems with String Inverters
  • MREA –
    • Basic Photovoltaics (PV 101)
    • PV Site Assessment (PV 201)
    • PV System Design (PV 202)
  • Bachelors Degree in Environmental Science and Urban & Regional Studies
  • Technical Degree in Renewable Energy Technologies

Past Solar Systems Designed by Danielle Kelly

Photos can be requested and sent through private email with the homeowners permission. This process may take awhile, but is something we can provide.