NWSSolar does not have a limit to the services we provide. We have encountered unique requests and have tried our best to accommodate. Those in the researching phase for your project are in the right spot. Instead of spending thousands you can spend less on the assurance to do or not to do a home improvement project, especially solar.

Our services are very similar between residential and commercial projects. We also love homesteading. If you’re trying to find ways to enjoy and make your home sustainable, let’s chat. Working from home allows our consulting services to be more efficient. Also hoping to find ways of providing a ‘tool library’.

  • Professional Site Assessment (PV, Solar Thermal or HVAC)
  • Provide a Schematic PV System Design
  • Provide an Analysis of Energy Use & Predicted Solar Generation
  • Analyze Financial Options
  • Request Competitive Bids
  • Review Multiple Bid Specifications
  • Guide Client through Bid Selection
  • Technology Explanation and Selection
  • Permitting & Interconnection Support
  • Review Purchases and Installation Contracts
  • PV System & Energy Consumption Monitoring
  • Warranty & Replacement Strategies
  • Troubleshooting
  • System Maintenance Checks
  • WI State Registered Electrical Contractor
  • Private Utility Locate
  • Insured Business

Don’t see a service you need, Just ask, maybe we know of someone…